CEREBRAL DEPRAVITY Decades of suffering CD and limited 100 cop.Digi CD
COY 248-21
Аnd again from the coast of Philippines a blood-and-meat tsunami blows! With out slamming or other fashion influences at this time! Only pure hurricane brutal death metal presents on their debut album «Decades Of Suffering» new Indonesian brigade CEREBRAL DEPRAVITY! Furious stuff in the best traditions of

GUZARAT algoritma CD and limited 100 cop.Digi CD COY 247-21
COYOTE RECORDS a very relevant release is coming out! It is relevant especially in our world of multiple military conflicts and dirty political games! Debut album «Algoritma» by Indonesian band GUZARAT reminds me very much releases by such bands as MY DARKEST HATE, JUNGLE ROT, JASAD and, of course , BOLT THROWER! This long play is strongly recommended for their fans primarily!

EXCECRACION Pervert Slave CD and limited 100 cop.Digi CD COY 246-21
Coyote Records is thrilled and proud to present a debut album «Pervert Slave» by Ecuadorian genius of brutal musical thought and professor of blast-beats and grim guitar passages Carlos De La Vega and his new band EXECRECION! Among the bands with his participation are the following: GASTRORREXIS, SANGUINARY EXECUTION, GENETIC ABERRATION and many others! «Pervert Slave» is strongly recommended for fans of the above mentioned bands and for fans of pure uncompromising brutal death metal worldwide!

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