New releases 10 april 2021 !!!
GORE DIMENSION Ethereal Realm CD/Digi CD/TAPE/Merch Tur COY 245-21 Turkish Technical Brutal Death and Slam Elements
COPROCOBRA Lesbian Gangbang Kawabanga CD and Digi CD Rus COY 244-21 Debut Album . Russian Gore grind
COBENTRICE Delta killer CD and Digi CD Col COY 243-21 Colombian mix of brutal death, gore grind and slamming elements.For fans of bands like AMPUTATED GENITALS,TU CARNE,AVULSED,PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT,CREPITATION,CEREBRAL EFFUSION.Members Murder Pussy, Endoparasitic.
DISSECTING FLESH The Impact of Cruelty From Extraterrestrial CD/Digi CD/All-Print TS Ind COY 242-21 Slam Brutal Death
PULVERISED CRANIAL MATTER Brutality Begets Brutality CD and Digi CD Aus COY 241-21 Techno slamming brutal death! Fan of INTENSE HAMMER RAGE, TERMINALLY YOUR ABORTED GHOST.Project by member of Intense Hammer Rage

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