TIMAWA Agoraphobic Rotten Cunt CD Phl COY 258 — 21 Slam Brutal Death
PNEUMOCONIOSIS And they retch overcome by the stench CD Aus COY 257 — 21 Slam Brutal Death. Project (Lypektomy, Porifice, Cakewet)for fans of Enmity,Mortician,Sect of Execration,Brodequin
3 WAY SPLIT — BLOODBASTARD / MxDxPx / PULMONARY FIBROSIS CD Hol/Rus/Fra COY 256 — 21 New tracks all band Gore GRIND !!!!
MEATKNIFE Grind From Outer Space CD and Limited Digipack CD Ger COY 255-21 New Album Germany Goregrind Monsters
INTESTINAL PESTILENCE Rotten Cadaver Forsaken CD Mex COY 254-21 Mexican Slam Brutal Death

New 5 releases 15 November 2021