1.Sacred Inception (Intro)
2.The Sovereign Hierarchy
3.Enmity Enthroned
5.Communion Of Supreme Dominance
6.Infusing Oblivion
7.Obliterateth Continuum
8.Entangled In Torment
10.Contemplation Of Infinity
11.Pneuma Obscuration
13.Besickened Majesty

Crushing Spiritual Brutality from Houston, TX
Sculpting Atrocity is a Technical/Brutal Death Metal band from Houston TX formed in July 2009. The band concentrates on writing the most brutal and technically challenging music they can. Lyric ideas focus mainly on Hatred, Occultism, Mythology, and Gore. Starting out as a three piece with just Cory, Tom, and Aleq, they wrote and recorded «Contempt Beyond Comprehension» the first Sculpting Atrocity song. Tom decided to leave the band due to musical differences in October 2009. In November they added Dar as the additional guitar player. In early March the band added Brian to the lineup on Bass. The band then recorded the debut album «Ambiguous Deity Obscurus» and the album was self-released in December, 2010.
And 2017 NEW ALBUM !

releases November 2, 2017

Aleq Sheets-Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Erwin-Guitar/Vocals
Markle Gaye-Bass
Cory Musekamp-Drums