MEATKNIFE Grind From Outer Space CD  COY 255-21
And Limited Edition 100 copies Digipack CD

1 The Infectional March
2 The Killer Clowns from Outer Space
3 Chewfacca
4 Cybernetic Cumdroid
5 Doma Toma Bitches
6 Cunt Invaders
7 Busty Beasts with Rotten Teeth
8 Return of the Grind Knights
9 1995 a Grind Odyssey
10 Grind Runner 2069
11 Blowmetheus
12 Fleshworm Jim
13 Invasion of the Body Rippers
14 Boba Fap
15 Plan 69
16 We Are Meatknife
releases November 15, 2021

Among other things, Germany is famous for high-quality steel! Seventh set of knives by German death grind monsters MEATKNIFE called «Grind From Outer Space» coming out on Coyote Records in formats CD and Digipack CD ! These piercing and cutting objects are intended for fans of for fans of such chefs of the genre like GUT , COCK AND BALL TORTURE, GUTALAX…