COY 249-21 MALIGNANT ROT Planetary Assimilation CD and TAPE

Debut album «Planetary Assimilation» by brutal duet from Austin (Texas, USA) MALIGNANT ROT! Brutal brew in the best traditions of brutal death with slamming influences like DEVOURMENT, SINTURY, CEREBRAL INCUBATION and the others imagers of «Teхas Chain Saw Massacre» in musical form!
Release date September 15, 2021

1. Raped Repeatedly With Retractable Razorblades
2. Consumed by the Perilous Void
3. Deception
4. Planetary Assimilation
5. Religious Brainwashing
6. Trepanations of the Unborn Fetus
7. Post Natal Abortion
8. Visceral Ravaging
9. Bathing in the Remains of Human Filth

Malignant Rot:
Cody Hancock — Guitar/ Vocals/ Drum Programming
Doug Bell — Bass/ Backing Vocals

Planetary Assimilation was recorded
April — June 2021 @ Big Torture Studios
Mixed and Mastered @ Big Torture Studios

Logo by Steve Crow @ Malevolent Icons Logos
Cover art and layout by Jon Zig