«Human Destruction»
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Новый Альбом Одной из ведущих групп россии в Brutal Death Metal !
Представляет собой TXDM Brutal Death с Slamming замедлениями и быстрыми пулеметными очередями. Сопровождается это все низко утробным гроулом . Альбом сводил и делал мастеринг Colin Davis в Imperial Mastering Studio (Usa)
Оформление делал сам Toshihiro Egawa!
Так же на альбоме прогроулил приглашенный вокалист Batu из группы CENOTAPH!

1 The schizophrenic
2 The punishment zombie squad
3 The rippin of the battle patient’s brain
4 The hush after the battle
5 Crisis of our generation
6 Human destruction
7 Approach of the enemy
8 Hellraiser
9 Solid state
Uploaded: 21.10.10

I don’t know what the hell’s up with Russia these days, if something’s
infected the water supply over there or what, ’cause they sure know how to
play sick and brutal death metal. With acts like Abominable Putridity,
Katalepsy, Purulent Jacuzzi, Coprobaptized Cunthunter and now Membro
Genitali Befurcator one can’t help but wonder how they manage to deliver
such slamming brutality over and over again. Human destruction is apparently
the lads’ second album, but it’s the first I’m hearing of them, and based
entirely on this I’d definitely say they’re a band to be on the lookout for.
Not saying they do absolutely anything to really reinvent the wheel, but the
Russian machinery of Membro Genitali Befurcator manage to stay clear of any
of the flaws that haunts brutal and slamming death metal;
over-repetitiveness, core-ish flirtations or simply too adolescent-vibed
themes to be taken serious. But instead they deliver solid material packaged
in a hefty enough production to make a serious impact. As The schizophrenic
opens things up there’s an instant sense of goregrind influences, mainly
that of the most groove-laden kind, with Cock And Ball Torture coming to
mind. But as the track progresses it also moves into the ultra-dense
landscapes of brutal death metal, namely the most slamming kind. The
constant change of drum patterns keep it from becoming boring, and it also
keeps it highly interesting to listen to since it never comes off as either
a prolonged breakdown or neverending blasting. The songs are constantly
changing pace, moving slickly in between the most headbanger friendly slam
sections to short outbursts of pure mangle.
I’d say there’s probably a little bit of Suffocation to be found in their
library of influences, just as I’m convinced earlier Devourment and the
European goregrind scene played its part. There aren’t any real standout
tracks, none that really sticks out of the crowd (as long as you stick to
their original material, that is, ’cause the Hellraiser cover is one
weird-ass track), but I don’t care since the bulk of it is so intensely
brutal and heavy it pummels from your speakers in such a way you can’t help
but long for a moshpit. The variety in tempo, the chugging-as-hell riffing
and the low-end guttural vocals is close to top-notch. So if you’re on the
lookout for an powerful, intense, brutal and slamming mix of death metal and
goregrind I’d advise you to check this out. Gory glory, all hail Russia!