2009 AVULSED (Spa)
«Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self-Mutilation)»
— New album DIGI-PACK format !

1. Breaking Hymens 04:14
2. Fair Flesh Obsession 03:23
3. Killing After Death 04:03
4. Maggotfilled 04:31
5. Voracious Backpacker 04:53
6. Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation) 03:41
7. Nazino (Cannibal Hell) 04:21
8. Penectomia 04:19
9. Infernal Haemorrhoids (pt.2) 00:56
10. Chestblood 03:08
11. She’s Hot Tonight (in my Oven) 04:30
Total playing time 42:07

5th full length for the Spanish living legend Avulsed and this time we are probably in front of the best album of their career. Nullo – The Pleasure Of Self Mutilation (this title is simply awesome!!) shows the most complete and heaviest side of a band that during the years has built its own sound: recognizable, original, extremely connected to the most rotten underground but at the same time incredibly fresh. All the old fans of the band will not be disappointed but this time, again, Avulsed will achieve a new bigger follow: Nullo is terribly gore in every atmosphere and it’s simply impossible to imagine this travel without the well known style of Mr Dave Rotten at the vocals, this time stronger and more effective than ever. Nullo is incredibly inspired during the its whole length thanks to the great work of the two guitarists: powerful, heavy and violent riffs, great solos and a taste for the melody that’s always been a trademark of the band. Nullo is also technical: listen to the pulsing bass and the devastating drums and then tell me if the rhythmical session is phenomenal or not… This is real death metal! A song like Breaking Hymens is already in my personal extreme fucking metal hit parade and an album like Nullo is already in the history: Death Gore for the New Millennium! (review by Jacopo)

review by BRUTALISM