2009 SLAMSEASON split 3
DEMISE (Philippines)

Mortal Torment (Grc)
1. Decomposition In Vomit 03:22
2. Mortal Torment 04:52
3. Profane And Torture 04:17
4. Pestiferous Spawn 04:23
5. Effigy Of Nihilism 04:24
Demise (Phl)
6. Human Flesh Devourment
7. Jackhammer Anal Penetration
Unburied (US)
8. Gore-Soaked Revenge 01:53
9. End It With A Knife 01:35
10. Evil Lurks Within 03:36
11. Love For Dismemberment 03:07

Argh! Next massacre under the banner of SLAMSEASON! This time all much killer than last time. Last time there were grindcore bands, and now there are brutal death ones, and all of them are very good! So, First comes Greek MORTAL TORMENT, with 3 pretty tasty, memorable and just killer brutal death metal hymns. Music is made in old way, without any modern sweet touches and melodies. Consisting with such vortex-like guitar riffs, massive drumming, horror atmosphere and pretty good growl, made by nice girl Rita (yeah, last time we can see tons of bands with “frontwoman”, he-he). All in all their music is made on good level, starting with good technical skills and ending with just pretty catching stuff… These 3 songs will be often guest there in your stereo!
Next are Russian SUFFERATORY, which are show to the world how they can create sick music! If you didn’t heard them still, then you should know that SUFFERATORY’s musick is also brutal death metal, made in common and old-school way. Filled with tight rhythm-section, good drumming and dense bass lines! Made in various tempos, and with excellent sickest slowdowns they will be good for your brutal ears too!
Next, DEMISE from Philippines , with its 2 tracks of good old-school brutal death metal. Here’s “reach” musick too, made in sick and dense way. Be prepared for blasting drumming, cutting guitar riffs and power growls. Also I like a lot their ala old CANNIBAL CORPSE sick guitar solos, which forced to bang your head! Also CANNIBAL CORPSE was remembered due DEMISE music is highly inspired by these beasts, no, they aren’t copying CC, they just playing in their way, and made very well!
And the last band is UNBURIED from USA . Coming with its 4 short tracks made in brutal death grind way. Their music isn’t bad too, made with really sickest attitude! Don’t wait for something new or progressive from this horde, but be prepared just for pure chaotic and sick massacre, which you’ll like if you are into such MORTICIAN, IMPETIGO, CARCASS etc…
All in all he split is more than highly recommended for all sick minds!
Оригинал Antichrist zine/Deadshop