2008 DEAD THEORY (Ind)
«Teriak Siksa Bathin»
Debut album . Indonesian Ultra Brutal Death Machine

1. Kuasanya 05:03
2. Teriak Siksa Bathin 04:44
3. Crisis of Believe 03:05
4. Terror by Myself 03:25
5. Dead of Anger 04:51
6. Ingkar 05:43
7. Nyawa Telah Binasa 04:41
8. Mumi Berjalan 05:27
9. Bonus track 04:41
Total playing time 41:40

Wow! Next awesome release from Coyote recs! Indonesia , yeah, there are many bands which are able to do kick ass/cunt musickness! And always interesting listen to some new band from there. This time, as I said before, here are Indonesian horde, which represent us their killer stuff into brutal death metal massacre. Music on this album is made on one breath, and full of such dense and pressing, grinding guitar riffs, drumming and guttural growls. Nothing new or extra technical, just purest form of brutality, made in right way, with no any uninteresting tunes or chords. This album will sink you deep into sickness during listening, and you won’t be able press “stop” button ‘till there will not be heard last chord! Except of straight-forward sickness you’ll be also pleased by excellent slowdowns, which will grind your mind off! Thus we have next pretty talented band from that exotic country, so let’s try support them now!
Оригинал Antichrist zine/Deadshop