2008 CENOTAPH (Tur)
«Reincarnation In Gorextasy»
New Album Veterans Turkey Brutal Death Metal

1. Horrific Realm of Gorecstasy 03:17
2. Vomiting Psycho Intent 03:49
3. Third Page 02:16
4. Unsaturated Cunt 02:39
5. Bowel Eviscerated Nympho 02:48
6. Inner Mass Decay 03:03
7. Human Flesh Wax 03:44
8. Necrocannibal Tribes 04:09
Total playing time 25:45

A non-stop bludgeoning assualt of violent dementia — 86%
Written by disembowelAchristian on December 13th, 2007

The first song of the album «Horrific Realm of Gorexstasy» begins the onslaught with a blasting intro shortly followed by Batu Cetin’s frankly horrifying scream. The vocals stand out because of small pitch changes, a characteristic brutal death often lacks. Near the end of «Vomiting Psycho Intent» a high end vocal caps off the track perfectly just as the music fades. Batu is far past understandable retaining the brutal death standard.

Bass guitar has yet to find its place in many, many, many death metal bands and although the riffs may not be dazzling at least YOU CAN HEAR THE BASS. This carries the guitar and supports the drums the way a band is designed to be, a definite good move. The guitars keep a fresh mix of time signature changes, pinch harmonics, and the sound of hacksaws ripping bodies to shreds. Rhythmic patterns add slight variation and keep the album from becoming monotonous. Drummer Ca?lar Y?r?t keeps pace and beats the snare into submission fueling the bands ferocity.

As the tracks approach their end Cenotaph constantly delivers fresh tempos and unexpected energy bringing their music to a climax throughout the entire album. The «slam» element is an underlying piece of Cenotaph’s grinding machine. However, it would not do justice them for anyone to call it such. Cenotaph merely slips it into a layer of violent perversion and builds upon slam and brutal death standards to eradicate the boundaries with to the point snatch you out of your seat and violently maul your mom in front of your face shreddage!

I highly recommend this album. FUCKING GET IT.