2008 DEMENTED(spa)
«Psychoanalysis of eternal pain»
— Brutal Death like Disgorge(usa),Suffocation ULTRA BOMBA!
Art-Work Phlegeton.

1. Done 03:19
2. Tired 03:28
3. 20000$ 04:01
4. One Death 04:39
5. Nothing = Zero 04:47
6. Hymen 03:09
7. Ineludible Certainty 04:17
8. Pharmaco 04:11
9. Kwaidan 08:14
Total playing time 40:05


DEMENTED from Spain , he-he, I still remember these sickos since their old demo which I reviewed some issues back… That was demo, and now I have the chance listen to full-length of their. Well, to be honest it was pretty interesting if album will be such good like the demo, and… and all my awaiting weren’t disappointed! Yeah! This is still same DEMENTED which kills by its sickest musicness! Here are two musicians just in the line-up, and two these guys were able to do really killer stuff. DEMENTED plays bulldozer brutal death metal, made in really sick and catching way. The whole sound is very tight and dense, so your ears need for much power to be safe, he-he. Just imagine, such twisted, sick and dense guitar riffs, plus same dense and destructive drumming, together with deep growls and many sickest tempo-changes. The rhythm-section bring us really powerful sound, all made in good way. Without any doubts I can say DEMENTED is worth your attention if you know what classical brutality is all about!

Оригинал Antichrist zine/Deadshop