Datura (Ukr)
1. Stench And Madness 03:10
2. Where The Fuck Are You From 02:50
3. Cap Of A Golden Cunt 03:12
4. Cause Of Death 05:40
Membro Genitali Befurcator
5. Ass Priest 02:41
6. The House On Mountaine 03:26
7. Brutal Flesh 02:50
Sepsis (Cze)
8. Intro 00:15
9. Slayers Absolution 03:30
10. Collections Of Boody Parts 04:29
11. Precious Cremation 02:36
12. Zombie Holocaust 02:35
13. Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man 03:39
14. Atomic Nuclear Desolation 01:01
15. Zombie Lake 03:55
16. Necrogramma 02:55
Total playing time 48:53


Wow! What a great split CD comes to my bloody hands! Here are 4 bands, our DATURA, Russian MxGxBx with SURGEONT and Czech SEPSIS. First band on this split is our mighty DATURA, hehe, with (as always) just killer 4 tracks of truest madness (including excellent OBITUARY cover!), which was recorded back in the year of 2007. As always their music is made on very decent level, nothing new but awesome, brutal death metal made in all its beautiful, for fans of such DEEDS OF FLESH or DEVOURMENT. With such killer songs structure, like often sick tempo-changes, just grinding atmosphere and as a whole sickest performance. This war-meat-machine will always on the top of Ukrainian brutality!

Then comes Russian MEMBRO GENITALI BEFURCATOR (with Coyote recs chief on vocals J ). They perform same brutal death metal, but much raw and less killer. As a whole music is good, made with all necessary for this style attributes; filled with such grinding, vomiting guitar riffs, some sick slowdowns and tempo-changes, together with raw drumming and good growls/screams. Made in right way, but as for me – too raw, no those killer tight sound which is forced to bang your head upon near walls, he-he! Nevertheless all made on good level, so we can just wait when band will record in more less good studio (if raw sound isn’t their priority). 3 raw mad songs are waiting here for you from their side.

Next, Czech SEPSIS, with same brutal death metal, made in common dense way. Music is made by use of such twisted rhythms, which thx its tight structure sound more like old-school brutal death, means much rhythmical oriented then made by sound walls just; and… and all in all not bad, even more – sounds great, catching and killer! Intro + 3 songs.

And for the end Russian band SURGEONT, which music is not far away from afore mentioned bands. And again really good stuff! First of all, they are devoted to old horror movies, it means they are totally inspired by corpses, zombies etc… And their brutal death metal also have good necromantic atmosphere; filled with such breaking guitar riffs and dense drumming. I was impressed by their job, and I’d like to hear something new from them in the near future; right now we have next worth band into sick music.

So, this is pretty good split for fans of inhuman brutality!

Оригинал Antichrist zine/Deadshop