«Army of pussy land / Bloody face»
Belgium over brutal death grind. CD
(Only 500 copies) 
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Army of pussy land

1. Valhalla
2. Fuck the Cripple Cops
3. Fear
4. Army of Pussy Land
5. Toxic Pustule
6. No Mercy For
7. Umbilical Cord
8. Anal Deflagration in your Ugly Face
9. Cum In Your Baby’s Mouth
10. Ozone
11. My Cock Is A Nest Verruca
12. No Future For Your Clitoris
13. Feast Of Gangrene Of Skin
14. Carnal (Vader Cover)
Bloody face
15.Viscera Altar
16.World Is Desolation
17.Kill My Sons
18.Take My Body
19.Give Me Your Punischment
20.No Religion , No Guardian
21.Suck My Frickandel
Total playing time 32:04