IMPERVIOUS MUTATION Onslaught Of Predatory Barbarism CD COY 279-23

Новая группа от участников Disgruntled Anthropophagi и
Manipulated Calamity ! Raw Brutal Death — IMPERVIOUS MUTATIONT !
Дебютное блюдо называется Onslaught Of Predatory Barbarism !

New band of members of Manipulated Calamity and
Disgruntled Anthropophagi with the influence and style of both bands plus adding some different elements of Raw Brutal Death Impervious Mutation brings relentless execution with straight to the point brutality
Release 2023
released June 12, 2023

1.Mechanized Arcane Bloodbath 03:36
2.Normalizing Tyrannical Predisposition 02:41
3.Onslaught Of Predatory Barbarism 02:57
4.Faced Fucked By Aberrations 02:49
5.Genocidal Genesis 01:05
6.Existential Traumatization 02:48