GASTRORREXIS Revision Of Ancient Abominations CD Ecu COY 269-22
Carlos De La Vega is one of the most prolific brutal musicians on planet Earth! But the release that is offered to your attention and will soon be released on COYOTE RECORDS, in fact, does not represent something radically new. This is a compilation from different GASTRORREXIS albums, re-recorded with a new line-up and in a new sound! The release, of course, promises to be interesting primarily for fans of GASTRORREXIS and other bands of Carlos De La Vega, as well as for other fans of classic brutal death metal, allowing you to get acquainted with the music of this band!

1.Spreading in My Brain ,Maggots Impregnated 04:03
2.Decoded Murder Intelligence 03:45
3.Brutality Raped 03:38
4.Flesh Remains Inmmersed in Nitrogen 03:36
5.Devoured by Rats 03:12
6.Deteriorate Flesh 03:41
7.Drain Blood 03:29
8.Smells of Death 04:35
9.Putrefaction Without Oxygen 04:20
10.Extinction of Vitality 03:37
11.Fertilization Of Predatory Flies 03:28
12.Sounds of Violent Execution 03:41
13.Deep Repugnance 03:39