CARNAGE The Stench Of Rotting Souls CD COY 265 — 22

Russian old school death metal war machine CARNAGE is returning with their fourth long play «The Stench Of Rotting Souls»! As on the previous two albums traditional death metal with armor-piercing riffs and melodious enough solos is waiting for us! Recommended for fans of BENEDICTION, BOLT THROWER, MY DARKEST HATE, REQUIEM (Switzerland) and so on! Release date on COYOTE RECORDS 22 February 2022

1.Livestock for Slaughter 03:49
2.From Slave to Tyrant 04:22
3.The Stench of Rotting Souls 05:03
4.Ready to Obey (Carnage in the Name of Tolerance) 03:52
5.Whispering Lands 02:38
6.And There Will Be Nothing Left 03:48
7.Living Dead 2k22 04:20
8.Casket Garden 03:39