MORTEM Amputator Digi CD Rus COY 262 — 22

COYOTE RECORDS presents reissue of legendary debut album by Russian death metal veterans MORTEM called «Amputator»! Originally performed in 1993 this masterpiece of traditional death metal (in the style of early Cannibal Corpse) will be reissued on digi-CD (remastered version and unremastered version taken from original LP 1993) and audio cassettes! Artwork also taken from original LP! Besides merch will be released in the form of T-shirts and long sleeves! Do not miss this time machine journey back to history of Russian extreme musick! Release on early 2022!

6 panel Digipack CD — Limited 300 copies
Pro-TAPE — Limited 50 copies

Remastered Version
1 Decomposing Cadaver
2 Dead Love
3 Amputator
4 Addiction To Sexual Slaughter
5 Post Mortem
6 Exhumer
7 Execution For Meat
8 Blood Thirsty

Original LP Version
9 Decomposing Cadaver
10 Dead Love
11 Amputator
12 Addiction To Sexual Slaughter
13 Post Mortem
14 Exhumer
15 Execution For Meat
16 Blood Thirsty