ORGIASTIC DEFLESHMENT Perverse Carnivorous Humanicide CD Phil COY 223-20
1.Concubinal bulimic evisceration of the Putrid Unholy Whore
2.Creampied by Abortificent Abscess
3.Intrauterine Fetal Demise
4.Urinary Throat Infestation
5.Filleted and Fucked in Every Orifice
6.Cranial Extraction through Spinal Excoriation
7.Lesbian Cunt Dismemberment
8.Guttural Abrasion
9.Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

Debut album by Philippine band ORGIASTIC DEFLESHMENT called «Perverse Carnivorous Humanicide»! This full-length strongly recommended for those fans of classical slamming like CHORDOTOMY, EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT, CRANIAL OSTEOTOMY whose snapback can be seen from a kilometer away and for fans of following brutal death metal bands with slam influences PUTREFYING CADAVERMENT, SYPHILIS, DEVOURMENT

Produced by: Orgiastic Defleshment
Composer: Wind D.S.
Lyrics: JM
Recorded,Mixed and Mastered : Wind D.S.
Art Design: Armaada Art
Band Photo and Layout Design: Shena Patoza
Music and Lyrics : Orgiastic Defleshment
JM – Vocals
Wind D.S. — Guitars
Anthony — Guitars
Bart – Bass
D.C. — Drums