DEVOURED ELYSIUM Extermination Policies CD Tur COY 216-20
1 Designer Of The Great Infestation
2 Cannibalistic Aliens From Other Dimensions
3 Gateways Of Demonic Species
4 Extermination Policies
5 Psychological Terror
6 Terraforming
7 Planetary Devastation
8 Slaughter For No Reason
releases May 10, 2020

The band was founded in 2017 in Izmir Turkey. The guitarist of the band is Güven Elban, drummer Atakan Kayman, bass player Hürkan Çağlar and vocallist Kerem Akman. They have started to work on their album titled Extermination Policies. The aim of this album is to add a sense of technical death and groove to the Slamming Brutal Death Metal. The subject of the lyrics and the album’s concept is an Alien Invasion. Slaughter For No Reason was their first single from Extermination Policies. They got good feedback with their single and gave concerts in Turkey’s largest cities. Afterwards, they released their second single Cannibalistic Aliens From Other Dimensions and reached many listeners around the world.

For fans of, Organectomy, Analepsy, Cytotoxin, Abominable Putridity