SANGUINARY EXECUTION Lake of Excrement CD Ecu COY 215-20

1.- Tooth Extraction
2.- Drowned in Vomit
3.- Domains of Cannibalism
4.- Massive Exterminated
5.- Disgusting
6.- Impaled for Eternity
7.- Ingest Fat
8.- Cooked alive

Sanguinary Execution is a band from Ecuador, which is formed in the city of Ibarra with Carlos De La Vega on the Guitar and Drums and Fernando Quintana on the Bass. The band plays brutal death since 2008, since its first album «Disembowel 2010» the band has played with drums programmed «drum machine» since the beginning, in 2012 a record called «Infinity Space of Barbarity» is recorded released with Sevared Records. In 2016, the “Killings in the Deep Lake” Ep released the Indonesian Brutal Mind label. In 2018 a Split “Sutured Bleeding Wounds” was recorded that was released by Lord of the Sick Recordings, which includes 5 bands from the Ecuadorian Brutal Death Metal scene. We have played in extreme concerts the band is active the current lineup is Carlos De La Vega soloist, this new album «Lake of Excrement» already includes acoustic drums.
For Fans:
Inveracity , Gorgasm, , Disavowed, Deeds of Flesh, Pyaemia ,Hate Eternal , Retch.