INHUMAN DEVOURMENT Transcend Through Depravity Usa COY 210-19
1.Transcend Through Depravity view
2.Instrumental To Divine Butchery
3.Dissection Of Flesh
4.Torment Of Hate
5.Experiment Of Biological Mutation
6.Festering Maggots Drenched Of Bowels
7.Relentless Pursuit Of Human Atrocities
8.Abduction The Masses Though False Faith
9.Beyond The End (instrumental)

releases December 10, 2019

Inhuman Devourment is a brutal death metal band founded in Long Island, New York. With an old school death metal style and guttural voices. The band was formed in 2014 by Jorge Lascano (former Rotten Corpse .Ec) on guitar and vocals and Stalin Cela on drums, which Gabriel Rivera would later join, which would record a live digital demo called «Relentless Persistent of Human atrocities «in 2017. For the year 2018 Gabriel Rivera leaves the band definitively and by 2019 Howie Dinchong becomes part of the bass and the band definitively to enter to record what is his first full-length album of the band» Transcending through depravity «.
The band’s lyrics are based on futuristic scenarios with native instincts of human survival, human degradation and humanoid experiments with a brutal death metal old school sound. The band has actively participated in the extreme New York scene by sharing the scene together with many undergraund bands in New York City

• For fans of Suffocation, Dying fetus, Mortal decay, Immolation, Necrophagist, Pathology, Visceral disgorge