SWAMP Aim-Collapse CD COY 199-19

1. Carnival Of Treachery
2. Reviving You To Kill
3. Rise Of The Tyrant
4. Straight To Hell
5. God Of Doom
6. We Are One
7. Aim: Collapse
8. Son Of Disgust
9. Demented Murderer
10. Conquer All (Behemoth Cover)

released February 23, 2019

New full length album of Russian techno-brutal death metal brigade SWAMP! This symbiosis of brutal death, techno-brutal and deathcore will show you apocalyptic visions of our future! Very technical, difficult, brutal and simultaneously melodic stuff recommended for fans of KATAKLYSM, DECREPIT BIRTH, BREEDING IGNORANCE, ATHEIST and many other death metal bands with techno and progressive influences!

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