GASTRORREXIS Realm Savagery Decimation CD COY 197-18
1.- Intro
2.- Deteriorate Flesh
3.- Drain Blood
4.- Devoured by Rats
5.- Deep Repugnance
6.- Impregnate Excrement
7.- Induce Punishment
8.- Vaccine of Horror
9.- Extinction of Vitality
10.- Outro
11.- Intrumental
12.- Corpses Insanity (Bonus Track )
13.- Pathology of Parasities Eat Meat (Bonus Track).

Romel Tedez – Voz
Carlos De La Vega – Guitar
Alex Pozo — Bass
Camilo Moreno – Drum

Septiembre 2018 Drum Recorded in Rotten Bowels Studio – San Gabriel – Ecuador.
Drum Recorded track 2 – 9 by Camilo Moreno ( Solegnium )
New Logo Designed by Javy Reyes ( Seyerot Logos ).
Cover Designed by Andreas Christanetoff ( Armaada Art ).
Featuring track 7 by Javy Reyes (Carnivorous Voracity )
Tracks 2 – 9 Mixing & Maztering by Maxime Lacroix (House of Gain Studios)
Tracks 12 , 13 Mixing & Mastering by Carlos De La Vega (Rotten Bowels Records )
Lirics by Romel Tedez all songs , except Track 9 by Carlos De La Vega.
Drum Recorded Track 12 , 13 by Niko Mejia ( Visceral Decay )
Vocals Recorded Track 12, 13 by Mauricio Ramirez ( Insalubrity , Visceral Decay).
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Fifth full length album of Ecuadorian unmerciful brutal death machine GASTRORREXIS! Inhuman brutal stuff with speedy blast-beats, powerful and sinister guitar riffs and creepy gore artwork! Album is made in the best  of brutal death metal traditions! Strongly recommended for GASTRORREXIS fans at first, for fans of canonical brutal death stuff like CEREBRAL EFFUSION, INFECTOLOGY, DECREPIT CADAVER and of course fоr gloomy maniacs worldwide!!!