IMPURE FIGHT Revelation of Exodus CD Col COY 196-18
1. Revelation of exodus
2. Skull crusher
3. Church war
4. Descending to hell
5. A nu’n sexual ritual
6. Pseudo saviors
7. Attack to Babylon
8. Total impure faith

Like:Disgorge, Dying fetus, Gorgasm, Deeds of flesh, Suffocation, Carnal, Lividity, Suffocate bastard, Internal suffering, Deicide, Vital remains, Vomit remains, Devourment, .Dehumanized.

IMPURE FAITH band of Brutal death metal formed in 2007 in the city of Armenia / Colombia, under the idea of Andrés zapata; his lyricism expresses the nonconformity of the system on the planet, criticism of religions, and human extermination. The songs are a combination of a lot of speed in drums, heavy and dark guitars, mixed with guttural and ripped voices.
the band has played in the main cities of Colombia; We have shared platform with very important bands of the genre such as: Putrid pile (usa) Malignancy (usa) Misery index (usa) Animals killing people (usa).
All members of the former leave the band except Andres Zapata founder, in 2015 he joined the voices of Gerardo Depablus, and in 2018 Mauro Mazuera on drums and Mario Franco on bass.
Impure faith has a record called ‘Revelation of exodus’ recorded in the studios of ‘Densty sound lab’ and pressed by the label COYOTE RECORDS of Russia, will arrive in physical format at the end of October 2018. Impure has more than 50 live presentations in his artistic career.
The band has had a very good acceptance of the public, it has been present at the most important festivals of brutal death in Colombia (Armenian grind death fest) / Armenia death fest / Chainsaw invasion / Armenia grind humanity / has a tour in the country of Ecuador in 2012 in the cities of Triunfo and Atuntaqui, one in 2013 in Quito and San Gabriel 2018, soon to tour in Latin America for 2019 and projects for a European tour in 2020.