RETICULATE Bloody Holidays CD Spa COY 195-18
Debut album Spain Death Metl ! Like AVULSED,BLOODBATH,GRAVE
1.Entering Troops (Instrumental) 01:45
2.Narcotic Killers 03:22
3.Fight Until Kill or Die 02:55
4.The Bitch of Babylon 03:03
5.Everything Has to Burn 03:35
6.Inside Of The Hostel (Intro) 01:15
7.Bloody Holidays 03:35
8.Rivers of Shit 04:53
9.Paramilitary Commandos 03:52
10.For You it, Will be Hell 03:17
11.Caught On Screen 02:43
12.Nuclear War 04:25

Recorded in Moontower Studies (Barcelona, Spa) by Javier Félez during the month of May and June 2018 and produced during the month of August.

All Music by Reticulate, except Rivers of Shit, and For You It, Will Be Hell, by Jesús Pereira; and Nuclear War and The Bitch of Babylon by Bairon Sepúlveda.
Track number 6 has been taken from the movie Hostel (Eli Roth, 2005).
Tracks 9 & 11 previously included in the demo Ep The Undead (2016). Both songs revisited, re-recorded and produced again for this album.
Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars & Vocals by Bairon Sepúlveda.
Drums & Vocals by Jesús Pereira.
Lead Guitars by Vincencio Osuna.
Bass by Axel Moreno.

Lyrics by Bairon Sepúlveda.
Logo by Jesús Pereira.
Artwork by John Quevedo Janssens.

Photo by Reticulate.

Thanks & Greetings:
Thanks to all the people, that in some way or another, have collaborated in making this album possible, you know who you are, never change your rotten minds, you are great!

Reticulate is:
Bairon: Guitars/ Vocals
Vincen: Guitars
Axel: Bass
Jesús: Drums/ Vocals