CARNAGE Inevitable Deliverance CD COY 193-18

Oldschool Brutal Death For fans of Death, Obituary, Six Feet Under

The band was formed in Tula in may 2008 by veterans of the local metal scene. These musicians had experience in such groups as Sieged Mind, Graveside, Neotruth, Edenbeast.
Stylistically, the group tends to be traditional oldschool death metal with hardest elements of brutal death metal and groove metal.

Since 2008 band at local and visiting concerts enchants audiences with haunting melodies, causing them to dance.
In 2011, the world saw the debut album “Let The Carnage Begin”.
The line-up has undergone numerous changes, formed in its current form only in the autumn of 2016.

Third Album!!

Russian old school brutal death metal.

The third album came just to the 10th anniversary of group. He contains infernal mix from fast and times of nomadic pieces. he will come to taste as for fans of old school I brutal is put and classics.


1.Your Inner Hell

2.Inevitable Deliverance (D.D.)

3.Aim At The Head

4.Access Denied

5.Carnage At The Disco/Chainsaw As A Tool Of Psychotherapy

6.Armored Death

7.У Последней Черты

8.Rabid Dogs

9.Gone Are The Days