After 9 years Debut album !!!
The band was formed in the summer of 2009. Participants Arthur Sidorov (guitar), Ivan Shevtsov (drums) and Alexander Poletaev (vocals) decided to play grindcore based on dance rhythms. In the same year Artem Dergachev (vocals) and Vyacheslav Sukharev (bass) joined the band. Work on the material was started. In early 2010, the band recorded a demo, and then began concert activities. After performing at major festivals such as Bukkake Fest, PetroGrind and Coyote Brutal Fest, the band gained some fame.
The band features outrageous behavior of the participants and the bright extravagant costumes.
The material for this album was recorded in 2013, but was not released for various reasons. In 2018, the album was re-mixed and ready to be presented to the audience.

For fans: Jig-Ai, Spasm, Cock And Ball Torture, Rubufaso Mukufo

1. The Apocalyptic Triumph of Vaginal Infernality
2. The Anal Conception of a Dominant Female
3. The Dissection of a Vaginal Nerve through Anal Spasm Stimulation
4. Radical Followers of Vaginoplasty Apologists
5. The Universal Epidemic of Erectile Dysfunction
6. Next Song…
7. The Turborocker® Who Pathetically Enters the Last Gran-Batman of a Discowhore®
8. The Aggressive Masturbation of a Inoffensive Impotent
9. The Carnal Embrace of Malodorous Cattle Mortuary
10. The Critical Concentration of Gay Power
11. The Ceremonial Exhumation of Female Remains in Order to Produce Visual AIDS
for Professional Cunnilingus
12. Dangerous Know-How of a Cynical Proctologist
13. The Sudden Petrifaction of Intestinal Wastes
14. The Genital Mutation of a Miserable Gerontofil
15. The Oral Execution of a Compassionate Sadist
16. The Deadly Equilibrium of an Elastic Womanizer
17. Breath (The PRODIGY cover)


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