FECUNDATION Decomposition of existence CD Kor COY 187-18
DATE RELEASE 17.02.18 — OUT NOW !!!
FECUNDATION, South Korea’s most ambitious technical / brutal death metal duo, have been active since 2013.
As a sequel to their first full-length, their full EP and a split with Japanese INVICTUS were released before their tour all around Asia of the 2016 — 2017 timeline and 2018 February their First full length will be out from Russian Brutal death metal majesty Coyote records.
Witnessing their massacre, Japanese audience could not help fixing the eyes on their slick shredding and unforgivingly brutal blastbeats over intricate compositions.
Shaking off all elitism in composure whilst playfully mastering their instruments, what comes out of this band in the course of their career is highly anticipated. A very rare mixture of traditional heavy metal/US brutality hybrid has been conceived and soon there’d be another kind of brutality born under their banner.
You’ll be the judge!

• For fans of Necrophagist,Disgorge, Suffocation


1. Intro
2. Abolishment of existence
3. Putrid Dead Flesh
4. Fetal Devourment
5. Vomit stench around her lips
6. Intestinal Diverticulum
7. Chapter of Detestation
8. Depravity and abuse
9. A Perverted Appetite