PUTREFACTION Slavery Code CD Rus COY 188-18
the band was formed in 2009, participants Vlad Ovechkin (guitar, vocals) and Pozdnyakov Mikhail (bass) played a couple of concerts and recorded a couple of tracks, and the matter stopped. And in 2015, the band accidentally again gathered in a new lineup, with a new vocalist Arsen Arzumanyan. Then Nikita Kusakin was taken to the second vocal, later he left the cast. Active rehearsals began, and the EP was recorded in 2016 under the name «Rape The Embryon.» The group took an active part in the concert in its city, as well as in Moscow at such festivals as «Coyote Brutal Fest» and «Necroslaughter.» In 2017, the band began work on a full-length album and in 2018 it was finished.
• For fans: Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Suffocation, Internal Bleeding

1. Intro
2. Suicide Spirit Act
3. Disfigured Addiction
4. Infected Breed
5. Structural Damage
6. Slavery Code
7. Wasted Mankind
8. Behind The Essence
9. Destructive Infinity
10. Purulent Neoplasm