169 Pigskinner
PIGSKINNER The Slaughterhouse Sessions CD Gre COY 169-16
Pigskinner was formed in early 2015 by Johnny Shitkicker (ex Immortally Insane, Puter Deus, Carnal Garden) with the sole purpose of playing raw, groovy deathgrind. From the bloodiest slaughterhouse of Athens, Greece. One man deathgrind monstrosity sure to make your ears bleed. Manic riffing, ruthless drumming, concrete grooves and vocals straight from the gutter. Not for the faint hearted.
For fans of Birdflesh, Last Days Of Humanity, Pig Destroyer, Regurgitate and Agoraphobic Nosebleed.
1. Modern Revolutionist
2. The Grand Feast
3. Roll It
4. Punch Your Bitch
5. Death By Napalm
6. Embryonic Pool
7. Destined To Fail
8. Stuffed In Her Vagina
9. You’re Next
10. Sarcofaggot
11. Heretic
12. Go Cunt Go
13. Piczke
14. Vincent Van Gore
15. The Day You Lost Your Ball
16. Necrobitch
17. The Final Cuntdown