167 Cercenatory
CERCENATORY Swallowed By The Apocalypse CD
Col COY 167-16 Colombian Blasting Guttural Extermination
Cercenatory was formed back on 2011 in Barranquilla, Colombia by Gersgrind (Drums) & UlraGore (Guitar). The band had a lot of inconveniences beginning 2012 and Emilio decides to leave the band for personal reasons, and just a couple of months after Fergore decides to leave too.
Cercenatory did not give up. Raul (guitar) and Gerson (Drums) continued to play until David Snag joins in as lead vocals and the band take its path on the late days of April. After so much work Cercenatory decides to play with 2 guitars and David Snag takes the strings to let Ricardo Guttgrinder Medina join the band as lead vocalist on October 2012. In the present Cercenatory has the most solid line up since it was formed. The EP «Goryfication Of All Mental Diseases» was released back on April 6th 2013 which has been very well accepted by brutal fanatics in many different countries.
For fans of Devourment, Amagortis, Brodequin, Internal Suffering
1. Prognosticators Of Unmerciful Chaos
2. Oracle Of Rotten Devotion
3. Unleash The Antihuman Holocaust
4.  Building The Monuments Of Savages Corpses
5. Swallowed By The Apocalypse
6. Last Breath Of Human Pestilence
7. Echoes…
8. Bonus Track: Auto-exorcism Psicotic Paranoid With Self-inflected Lacerations