BARBARITY Crush Of Hypocritical Morality CD Rus COY 153-15

2.Snow of Dead Souls
3.The God You Bow To
4.My Inner Realities
5.The Church Of Holy Lust
7.The Concept Of Morality
8.Holy Pedophile

New Album Veterans Oldschool Brutal Death Metal Band

releases 21 February 2015

Line Up:
Viktor – guitar
Thanatoliy – drums
Bonif – bass
guest musician:
Thaadox – vocals

Recorded at «Black Magic» Studio.
Produced by Barbarity.
Sound Engineer Alexandr Kukin (Extinction, Mortifer). Front cover art by Andrey «Kroms»
(Kroms Art Studio, Minsk, Belarus).
Design & layout by Thaadox.
Music & lyrics by Barbarity,
except Holy Pedophile – Fleshgrind.
All guitar solos on this album
by Alexandr Anokhin (Simfonia Sumraka).
Logo art by Alex «Corpse» Galkin.
Band photo by Mikhail Vanchikov.