Lambdroid’s Vengeance
Killer death metal attack for all fans of Vader, Krisiun and Morbid Angel! 

Intergalactic deathsheep lounge music01. Ultimatum
02. BEEE Metal
03. D.S.A. (Death Sheep Armageddon)
04. Lambdroid’s Vengeance
05. Spacegoat Motherfucker
06. I Used To Date Megatron
07. Why I Kill You
08. Fat Bastard
09. Jesus Shepherd

Recorded in the year 32453 (A.L.)
Mixed by Matthew CA
Mastering by Thaddaeus RED HORSE
Artwork and layout by Bartholomew CBMC
All music by His Highness Master Lambdroid

Peter- CC-Commander
Matthew- CA-Combat Arms
Paul- CCT-Combat Control
John Baptist- CBRNE-Chemical,Biological,Radiological,Nuclear,and High Yield Explosives
Judas Iscariot- AA-Artillery
Bartholomew- CBMC-Communications Battlespace Management Course
Thaddaeus- RED HORSE-Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer