Annihilating debut from Russia. Pure goregrind in vein of Regurgitate, Dead Infection and Last Days Of Humanity with members of Fallos-Patron, Purulent Jacuzzi, Inopexia, Bowel Leakage and Egregious. 19 tracks of hyperblasting goregrind with nasty vocals.
01. Dysendocrinism As A Result Of Sex Abstinence
02. Fibrous Penile Induration
03. Extensive Purulent Necrotic Process
04. Inflammatory Atrophy
05. Rapture Of Amniotic Fluid Sac
06. Loss Of Seminal Fluid
07. Chronic Lymphatic Leukemie (Regurgitate Cover)
08 Postmortem Examination
09. Enteric Fellatio Using A Vomited Lubricant
10. Prostatical And Vesicular Purulent Leekages
11. Consumer Credit For A Cock Extension
12. Lancing Of Abscess
13. The Way To Fair Future
14. Acute Inflammation Of Uterine Appendages
15. Socks For The Cold Feet
16. Hydrocele Of Tunica Vaginalis
17. Posterior Vaginal Hernia, Enterocele
18. Tourette’s (Nirvana Cover)
19 Deep Phlegmon Of Buttock
Guitars and Drums Recorded in October/November 2012
Vocals recorded in January 2014
Mixed & mastered by Alex in March 2014
Layout by Alex
All music by Vaginal Juice except
Chronic Lymphatic Leukemie by Regurgitate and Tourette’s by Nirvana
Alex – Vocals
Pasha – Guitars
Sasha – Drums