Split    CD      Usa/Thi
Gore Grind Noise Split

Intestinal Disgorge

1.         Try To Get Away
2.         Headless
3.         Convulsing and Foaming At The Mouth
4.         Silence and Horror
5.         Stabbing Your Lifeless Body
6.         Putrid Vapors
7.         Reeking Custard of Curdled Flesh
8.         Tepid Broth of Bubbling Excrement
9.         Warm Blast of Pungent Sewage
10.       Obsessed
11.       From Man To Monster
12.       The Pursuit of Pleasure
13.       Crawling Through Blood
14.       Gasping For Breath
15.       Contorted by the Rigor of Death
16.       Oozing Rotten Fluids
17.       Nobody is Listening

Smallpox Aroma

18.       Hospital Basement Abound With Mushy Carcasses
19.       Poisonous Uropleuroclysis (Injecting Pleura With Toxic Urine)
20.       Cadaveric Juice Dripping, Anatomists Consuming
21.       Morgue Floor Splattered With Intestinal Tapeworms
22.       Parasitic Ingestion Of Overgrown Dermoid Cyst
23.       Domination Of Bacteria Resulted From Excessive Pyorrhea
24.       Liquefying Malformed Spleen In Teratism
25.       Nostalgic Recollection Of Urethrorectal Explosion
26.       Inverted Intra-Abdominal Surgery
27.       Enjoyment Of Sucking Foul Fluid From Abscess Cavity

28.       Eversion Of Colon, Emission Of Fecal Odour
29.       The Entomopathological Method (Dissecting Applying Insects)