CENOTAPH Precognition To Eradicate CD/Digi CD COY 252-21
There is such a category of artists who do not need an introduction! You can only tell the band’s name and everything becomes clear! So… The legend of Turkish and world brutal death metal CENOTAPH releases their seventh album «Precognition to eradicate» 13 October 2021 on Coyote Records! it is simply ridiculous to give any recommendations here! But we can say that new album is absolutely necessary for fans of CENOTAPH themselves and for fans of most radical forms of Brutal Death Metal worldwide!
released October 13, 2021

1.Anti-Pathogenic Morbid Incubation 04:24
2.Progeny Of Embryonic Congenital Malformations 03:08
3.Anomalous Necrotic Breed 02:56
4.Virus Induced Dehumanization 02:36
5.Recombinant Extraterrestrial New Form 03:46
6.Isolation Turned Into Cannibalism 04:06
7.Precognition To Eradicate 03:11
8.Pandemic Bacterial Reverse Mutation 03:34
9.Into The Septic Molecular New Form 02:52

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