3 WAY SPLIT — BLOODBASTARD / MxDxPx / PULMONARY FIBROSIS CD Hol/Rus/Fra COY 256 — 21 New tracks all band Gore GRIND !!!!

BLOODBASTARD (Netherlands)
1.Unnecessary surgery
2.Bowels in, bowels out
3.when death replaces life
4.morgue’s finest
5.bastard of puppets
6.decomposed in f minor
8.maniacal professor
9.street scum
10.blood mass
11.people eater
12.bloody el salvador
13.black dog
14.macoedos cannibalos
15.Ruptured Gastro-duodenal Flexure Erupts
16.Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
17.Maggots Drown In Suppuration
18.Juices Digested From Each Pus Swollen Pore
19.Corrosive Digestion Of Embryonic Corpus
20.Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
21.Expressive Thrombocytopenia

It will occur in the form of 3-WAY goregrind split with the participation of following patients: PULMONARY FIBROSIS (France), MxDxPx (Russia), BLOODBASTADS (Netherlands)! They all have similar symptoms – brutal goregrind! This split recommended by Dr. Coyote for fans of HAEMORRHAGE, early CARCASS, TU CARNE, MIXOMATOSIS and so on!

released November 15, 2021

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