SWAMP Aim-Collapse CD COY 199-19

1. Carnival Of Treachery
2. Reviving You To Kill
3. Rise Of The Tyrant
4. Straight To Hell
5. God Of Doom
6. We Are One
7. Aim: Collapse
8. Son Of Disgust
9. Demented Murderer
10. Conquer All (Behemoth Cover)

released February 23, 2019

SWAMP is a Moscow band that has claimed its place in the metal world. The band performed multiple times with the best heavy and alternative Russian bands on one stage, was a headliner of different festivals and went on a Russian tour with Napalm Death,Decapitated, Dying Fetus, Crionics, Dead Infection. The band’s songs were rotated on European radio stations.

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